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Skincare Treatments

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Skincare Treatments

Personalized Deep Pore Cleansing Facial Treatment

Improve your skin’s tone, texture and clarity with this customized facial. Your skin will be analyzed to choose the most effective products for its needs. Your face is cleansed, exfoliated and prepared for extractions and a facial massage, using specific products for your skin, followed by a facial mask. In addition, your body is relaxed with a hand and elbow treatment, a neck and shoulder massage leaving you feeling totally refreshed.
90 min – $135

Aromatherapy Facial Treatment

A personalized deep pore cleansing facial followed with a massage using essential oils to encourage the skin’s natural abilities to flourish. Finished with a mask suitable for your skin.
90 min – $135

Skin Care Signature Facial Treatment

A personalized deep pore cleansing facial with the addition of a décolleté treatment to rejuvenate the chest area. A foot massage will bring the body into balance.
120 min – $185

Ultimate Anti-Aging Treatment

Diamond dermabrasion followed by LED light and finished with oxygen infusion. It will give your skin nourishment, firmness and glow.
120 min – $220

Anti-aging Pro-Radiance Facial

Restore instant glow & illumination with this power-packed anti-aging facial incorporating gold and caviar extracts, peptides and hydrating acids. Skin is visibly firmer, more even in tone and radiant.
120 min – $235

Facial Cleansing Treatment

This treatment includes steaming, cleaning and extractions followed by a mask suitable for your skin needs (this facial does not include facial massage nor hand treatment).
55 min – $100

Express Cleansing Treatment

Steaming, cleaning and extractions followed by a mask suitable for your skin needs.
30 min – $55

Facial Massage

Your skin will be healthier and more balanced after this massage using products suitable for your skin type.
30 min – $55
45 min – $110

Oxygen Treatment

Restores proper circulation and increases cellular oxygen intake for a firmer and more youthful appearance. Works great for Pre and Post surgery, it is also oxygenating and very anti-bacterial for treating acne. Recommended one treatment per week for 4 weeks, and then maintenance once per month.
30 min – $75
Acne Treatment 40 min – $85
Post surgery scar Treatment 40 min – $95

Diamond Dermabrasion

This safe and advanced crystal-free Microdermabrasion System removes the topmost layer of skin leaving it clean, supple and vibrant. Each treatment removes roughly 30-60% of the stratum corneum. This process stimulates new cell growth by inflicting surface damage, which allows almost 100% product penetration.
40 min – $85
with Acid Application – 45 min – $95

Light Therapy Treatment

Light therapy has been clinically proven to heal and repair the skin. When LED light converts electrical energy into light energy, the cells are able to perform more efficiently. Cell tissue oxygenation, cellular metabolism, increased blood and lymph circulation, collagen production are all in full effect after the treatment. LED also helps reduce inflammation and destroy P. Acnes bacteria.
20 min – $60

CooLifting-Dermal Delivery System

CoolLifting combines a controlled spray of carbon dioxide and a blend of hyaluronic acid and botanicals. It restores hydration, luminosity, tissue stimulation for even skin, and fine lines lifting. Removing layer of skin with microdermabrasion before treatment gives almost 100% penetration.
6-8 treatments recommended once a week
– $160 each for face
– $110 each neck
– $110 each chest

Enhance Your Facial Treatment

(May be added on to any service)
Vitamin C, Seaweed, Cranberry – $25
Collagen Mask $40
Serum – Repair or Caviar – $10
Anti-Aging Eye Treatment with Collagen – $15
Scalp Massage – $15
Galvanic with Facial – $25

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