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Cosmetic Consultations


Dr. Kirk Brandow Consultations

Dr. Kirk Brandow’s success in Plastic Surgery stems from his appreciation of art and beauty. His philosophy of surgery is based on anatomy, balance and harmony that developed from his experience as a sculptor. He believes that creativity is indispensable to the artistry and skill of a great Plastic Surgeon. It is, and always has been, his goal to keep patients looking “natural” and “age appropriate.” Aesthetic Surgery is his passion, which is why he has devoted his entire 25 year career to Cosmetic Surgery exclusively.

What to expect

During your consultation with Dr. Brandow, he will begin by discussing your primary concerns. Several factors regarding surgery will be discussed during the initial consultation, including procedure, location, anesthesia, recovery, and cost. Clear understanding of these factors will help you to make a more informed decision. The length of initial consultation may be as brief as 15 minutes or longer than an hour, depending on the complexity of issues involved.

Scheduling a consultation

Please call Ageless Aesthetics to schedule your personal consultation, or to learn more about the cosmetic and plastic surgery options that are offered by Dr. Kirk Brandow.

Appointments can be made by calling our office at (215) 384-8586.